Bondi Beach residential house

A re-fresh / de-clutter of an existing residential home. Using some existing furniture and buying a few new pieces to create the overall relaxed vibe. Also adding some colour with paint and texture with wall panels.

St Leonards Airbnb apartment

A blank white modern apartment brought to life with complete styling including all furniture, down to the cutlery and linen. Some colour and quirky artwork was added to enliven this soulless apartment. Now ready to rent on Airbnb.

City Airbnb apartment

An apartment with some period character. It was already setup with furniture/furnishings, the space was uninviting and cluttered. We transformed the apartment using some existing items, bought a few new items, added some colour. Now the apartment is fresh and inviting.

Canberra Airbnb apartment

Canberra Airbnb apartment BEFORE and AFTER photo’s.

Redfern Airbnb apartment

Redfern Airbnb apartment

Let’s build something together.

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