We are Miri and Lucy

We come together and bring our creative skills to bring Create my Space. We are both visual, practical and strive for every home to be clutter free and styled within perfection until every last detail is finished.

We use the design principles of balance, contrast and texture to bring harmony to your property.

We specialise in transforming your home by giving your space a declutter then style using many of your pieces/furniture and adding some colour, texture and new items if needed to complete the look.

We also specialise in furnishing and styling Airbnb properties, from a completely empty space into a beautifully styled and inviting home away from home.

We believe that you can create a beautiful space with any budget.

Miri Collis brings years of experience to Create my Space, she brings a passion for interior styling for people to live a clutter free life in a clean and fresh home. She always adds a touch of quirkiness making any dull/cluttered space come alive and be a joy to live in.

“Tidying, organising and only buying and keeping items that spark joy can lead to a more positive and happy lifestyle overall”.

Lucy Katz is a lover of all things interior and photography, a visual, practical person, who loves to transform any space into a tranquil home. Qualified in Photography, Graphic design and Interior Decorating.

In the media

Miri talks decluttering with ABC News to help people understand the benefits of decluttering and living more simply without clutter taking over your home.

click here to read the article


“Miri has an incredible sense of taste and style and is able to conceive putting random objects together that truly brings out the best of any room.

Her ability to spot value in furniture acquired from a myriad of places makes her cost effective method look highly curated and far from being cheap. It actually looks really artistically exceptional and tasteful.

Her attitude is positive, she is a hard worker and I’d recommend her to anybody.”

Bob Cadry from Cadrys Rugs

“Miri has been decluttering my home for years . Her level of de-cluttering and styling is five star quality .

I’ve  experienced such a shift in energy in my home .  She has such natural sense of logic with where everything belongs . It has been a positive experience working with her and we’ve had lots of fun doing it.”

Sue Clemens 

“Miri is an amazing interior designer with the an eye to every little detail. She has turned my Green Square apartment into a little goldmine as it performs outstandingly on Airbnb. Every guest of mine is just simply blown away as soon as they step into my place.

Miri’s has exceptionally good taste and also keeps within agreed budget. Since my first apartment in Green Square took off so well I asked her right away to do my other apartment in St Leonards. All I said was ‘Miri just surprise me and call me when you’re completely done with it.’

In a nutshell I highly recommend Create my Space to anyone who is looking for an amazing change!”

Bella Kraszhai

“Miri is one of our preferred partner stylists and has been working with us for nearly 3 years. We trialed her for one of our leased apartments in Rushcutters Bay. For a very reasonable price and quirky styling this apartment was completely made over to promptly become an Airbnb Plus property. 

Since then we have commissioned her to do a lot of properties for our very valued clients throughout Sydney and one in Canberra. It is evident that her styling brings in so many more bookings than the other properties which may be in the same area or even building so this is why we choose to promote her services through our company with her creative, innovative work.”

Mark from Maison Nets Property

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